Trump Planning His Own Social Media Network

Donald Trump was banned from all major social media networks but it reportedly looking to make a grand comeback on a platform of his own.

Axios is reporting that Trump is looking to partner with an existing social media platform to create his own social media network. the platform they are allegedly looking at is called FreeSpace.

FreeSpace lets users create channels to share content for those following the channel in the same way Youtube works. The app also features an activity wall for users to see what the channels they are following have posted in the same way the Facebook homepage works. Another standout feature of the app is the ‘Rooms’ feature, this will serve as a group chat feature for FreeSpace.

While nothing is concrete and Trump is reportedly looking at other options many are looking to this app as the best way for Trump to begin his comeback.

From Axios:

By the numbers: FreeSpace is relatively new and doesn’t seem to have many users, so far. The app launched in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on Feb. 1.

  • So far, its only had about 20,000 downloads across both stores since launch, per AppTopia.
  • The person leading the “Leaderboard” ranking on the app is Mike Magolnick, a digital entrepreneur who claims to work in strategy for FreeSpace and SkyLab.

What they’re saying: When asked for comment, Magolnick said, “At this time I have no info to share.”

Regardless of what platform Trump makes a return on, that platform will be a new battleground with big tech and political right. Big Tech will be looking to strike down any competitors and the right will be looking to put pressure on the platform to ensure freedom of speech is upheld on said platform.




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