Woman Arrested For Violating Lockdown In Michigan

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Marlena Pavlos-Hackney owns a small restaurant in Michigan, Marlena’s Bistro and Pizzeria, she immigrated to the United States to flee communism, now she has been jailed for violating the states lockdown rules.

Many have come to Pavlos-Hackney’s support, they are putting money into a GoFundMe account and they rallied outside the jailhouse. Tucker Carlson brought this story to national attention on Friday and many online have teamed up in an effort to see this women released from jail.

From the Daily Wire: 

“We’re told she will be in jail for 93 days unless she pays a $35,000 fine and the Michigan Board of Health deems it safe for her to be released. She’s not going to pay; she shouldn’t pay.”

“The county judge who did this, Rosemarie Aquilina, defended the arrest saying that Pavlos-Hackney ‘has put the community at risk we’re in the middle of a pandemic,” the host continued. “By the way, they presented zero evidence that she had any role in the pandemic — none, no scientific evidence whatsoever. But they want you to know that defiance is the real crime.”

According to a report from MLive, the Polish immigrant refused to close her bistro following a November edict banning indoor dining. Pavlos-Hackney defiantly posted a sign outside her business emphasizing that she was staying open.

The sign read: “Welcome. We are a Constitutionally Compliant Business. We are not infringing on anyone’s inalienable rights. By law, we do not follow any of the governor’s, mayor’s, health department’s, or other government agency orders or suggestions pertaining to social distancing or mask-wearing.”

This arrest comes after the state of Michigan issued her numerous fines and the suspension of her food license. A man named Rick Martin who assisted Pavlos-Hackney in translating English to Polish said “This woman has ultimate faith in God and she knows what’s right“,  Martian would be arrested after these comments for allegedly practicing the law without a license.


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