Facts Don’t Matter? Leftwing Activists, Politicians, and Journalists Scramble In Wake Of Mass Shooting

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In the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado many left-wing activists and journalists moved to score as many political points as possible, now tweets are being deleted and some retractions are being made.

Kamala Harris’ Neice and BLM activist was among those who had to walk back statements after the facts came out.

Meena Harris was quick to call out the “Violent White Men” and refer to this group of people as the “greatest terrorist threat to our country”, she was quick to walk back this disinformation after the shooter was revealed to not be a white male.

As to not make too big a fool of herself, Harris deleted the tweet but followed it up with the following statement;

I deleted a previous tweet about the suspect in the Boulder shooting. I made an assumption based on his being taken into custody alive and the fact that the majority of mass shootings in the U.S. are carried out by white men.

Meena Harris was not alone in the effort to score political points, Journalist Uzair Hasan Rizvi who prides himself as someone who is “debunking misinformation/fake news” would go on to make a quip about how the shooter was not referred to as a terrorist because he was white and was only apprehended alive because they were white.

Following ridicule online Rizvi put his account into protected mode, meaning you can no longer look at his account.

BLM activist Tariq Nasheed also had some things to say about the shooting. Nasheed claimed that White Supremisicts online were attempting a disinformation campaign to convince the public that the shooter was white because of his name. After it was revealed that the shooter was born in Syria, Nasheed would claim that he was “White enough to benefit from the privileges of whiteness”

President Joe Biden was also quick to move in and push a Gun Control angle about the shooting. President Biden is now calling for an “Assault Weapons ban” and pushing the Senate to pass the two large gun control bills that have already made it through the House.

Based on what we know right now(March 23rd) the shooter had no known motive, in all likely hood, this was another mentally deranged lunatic. No gun reform would have helped the situation and the race-baiting from the left is not only obnoxious but dangerous. These political hacks have shown that they do not actually care about this issue or even this one event, they only care about pushing a political agenda and will do so by any means neccecary.



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