March Madness Injected with Marxist Propaganda

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NCAA’s beloved Basketball Tournament, March Madness, will be host to Marxist propaganda.

This year’s tournament will take place in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil Stadium, two of the courts being used have been renamed for the tournament. One court taking the name Unity, and the other taking the name Equality. The “Equality Court” is being named such as to “Honor student-athletes from across the country who have used their voices and actions to make a difference advocating for social and radical justice”.

These two terms have been bastardized in recent years by political forces. The prior now meaning one side must submit and the later meaning equity. This is not the only part of Marxist propaganda leaking into March Madness.

The NCAA will be holding its “Final Four Talks“, which will serve as a platform for various speakers with the theme being “A (Radically) Just Future). This talk will go in-depth on athlete-led activism, “learning a new history that deviates from what one has been taught”, and the fight for correction to inequality and injustice.

Athlete-led activism has been widely criticized across the US following Collin Kaepernick’s original protest at the NFL. Many have railed this new movement as the over politicization of escapism, simply put, most people do not want politics interfering in their sports.

Politics is becoming inescapable in American life, with Coke pushing “Anti-whiteness” in employee training and Hollywood pushing subtle propaganda in its films.


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