‘Freedom’ Bracelets Law Passes First Hurdle In Israel

A new law that has passed in Israel will require that those entering the country will have to wear “Freedom” bracelets that track their movement around the country.

From Knesset.Gov.IL

The bill proposes to authorize the government to declare, in certain circumstances, that anyone who enters Israel or who came from certain countries and is committed to remaining in isolation at home, or elsewhere at his disposal, will be required to maintain the isolation as his means of electronic monitoring, such as an electronic bracelet or a widget on his mobile phone, which aims to ensure that the insulation.

According to offered, came to Israel to whom the declaration is Must be insulated, can be sent to insulate a house with technological means, if he gave his consent to use technological means and did a corona test after entering Israel. Only those who do not give their consent to use technological means or do not meet the conditions set by law will be sent to a hotel.

At the same time, certain populations, including those who received a special permit exceptions committee (Health Ministry Director-General or his representative) for reasons of health or humanitarian exceptions, minors under the age of 14, or who has been appointed guardian, will be able to hold the insulation in their homes without technological means.

The options for those entering the country are slim; take the vaccine, test negative twice, get the tracking bracelet/widget or go to a hotel staffed by military personal. Questions of privacy are out there related to these measures but many are unsure of what to do in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.



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