Senators Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Paint 2 Million Americans As Extremists

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Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are painting the 2 million Americans attempting to recall Governor Gavin Newsome as extremists.

In California, there is a massive ongoing effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsome. Many in the state have seen his actions as that of an incompetent leader and are looking for a new option. The citizens of the state are using the legal process to try and oust Newsome, this is not some violent effort to oust a rightfully elected politician, this is a perfectly legal recall from the citizens of the state.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are condemning this effort and are even going as far as to suggest that those trying to recall Newsome are radical extremists.

From Politico:

A crowd of national Democratic leaders on Monday put their muscle behind California Gov. Gavin Newsom to fight the recall, dubbing it an extremist “Republican power grab” and launching their first opposition ad.

Sens. Elizabeth WarrenBernie Sanders and Alex Padilla, as well as Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) and Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams, all simultaneously announced their opposition to the recall efforts. The Democrats launched the official Stop the Republican Recall campaign, the clearest sign yet that the political establishment believes the recall election will qualify this year.

Democrats recently impeached a former president in an effort to ensure that they would never run for political office, that former President being Donald Trump. Seeking a change in leadership is far from extremism, if a company was failing a change in CEO would be an option. If the people of California want a new governor and feel that they can not wait for the next election they have the ability both legal and moral to try and get one.


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