Columbia University To Segregate Graduation

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The long-time push from progressives and Democrats to reintroduce segregation under the guise of “wokeness” has succeeded, Columbia University will hold 7 different graduations.

Columbia University will be holding 7 graduations:

“Native Graduation”- For those of Native American descent

“Lavender Graduation”- For LGBT Students

“Asian Graduation”- For Asian Students

“FLI Graduation”- For Students who come from First-Generation and or low-income communities

“Latinx Graduation”- for Latino Students

“Black Graduation”- for African Students

These ceremonies will be held online, there will still be a general graduation ceremony but this the final step before 1950’s style segregation.

From The Daily Caller: 

“In most instances, these smaller, multicultural gatherings evolved from ceremonies originally created by alumni and students. The gatherings are voluntary, open to every student who wants to participate, and have become a highly anticipated and meaningful part of the Columbia graduation experience.”

Columbia University has held segregated ceremonies in the past, according to Campus Reform.

Black Harvard students organized a “black-only” graduation ceremony back in 2017. The event was supposed to celebrate how black students succeeded in their higher education, the College Fix reported. Students denied claims that the ceremony was a form of segregation, instead saying it gave black students a way to have fellowship and build a community.



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