Democrats Attempt To Flip Certified Election

Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are currently attempting to decertify and election in Iowa.

Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks may soon be unseated from Congress because Democrats in Congress are allowing a challenge to her elections certification to go through.

From PJ Media: 

Miller-Meeks narrowly defeated Democrat candidate Rita Hart in November by six votes in an election where over 400,000 ballots were cast. Iowa state officials certified the election results in January, and Miller-Meeks was provisionally sworn in to Congress in January. The close margin caused Hart to petition Congress about the election results in December, rather than go through the courts. The House Administration Committee tabled a motion to dismiss Hart’s petition this week, enabling the challenge to proceed.

Hart’s campaign claims there are at least 22 outstanding legally-cast ballots waiting to be counted.

On Thursday, when asked if she thinks there’s a scenario where the Democrat-controlled Congress could overturn the state-certified results, Nancy Pelosi sounded very confident, almost as if it were a forgone conclusion.

“Could you see a scenario? We don’t do press conferences on ‘can you see a scenario.’ Of course! Of course!” Pelosi said. “I respect the work of the committee… We’ll see where that takes us. There could be a scenario to that extent.”

What’s strange about this story is not the fact that the election is being challenge, but the way it is being challenged. Most challenged go through the courts as opposed to Congress, Democrats let this one slide to help out another Democrat. This also comes of the back of Trump’s challenges to the election being totally rejected by Democrats and the mainstream media.


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