Psaki Pressed On Why Administration Officials Won’t Credit Trump with Vaccine Success

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was pressed over the Biden Administration’s seeming inability to give credit to the Trump administration for vaccine success.

NBC White House News Correspondent Peter Alexander pushed for an answer as to why the Biden administration won’t give President Trump credit for Operation Warp Speed, which created the vaccine.

“Of course, he (Biden) spent a lot of time touting the success of vaccines, yet there was no mention of the president under whose administration vaccines were developed… Does former President Donald Trump not deserve any credit on vaccines?” was the question Alexander asked.

Psaki responded to the question by praising the “Herculean” effort by medical experts and scientists but refused to acknowledge the Trump administration.

From The Daily Caller: 

Psaki said that the administration has already “conveyed that” the progress “made on these vaccines was a Herculean incredible effort by science and by medical experts,” failing to include Trump and his administration in the compliment. She also touted the Biden administration and said that there are “clear” differences and steps “that have been taken” since he took office.

“Leadership starts a the top,” Psaki continued as she made an apparent dig at Trump. “It includes mask-wearing, it includes acknowledging there is a pandemic, it includes getting a vaccine in public. But even more importantly than that, it includes putting in place an operational process that can ensure that we have enough vaccines to vaccinate Americans, enough vaccinators, enough vaccine locations.”

“None of that was in place when the president took office,” Psaki said.

Alexander responded by noting that although Psaki had fair points, the vaccines were developed under Operation Warp Speed – a partnership that, as Alexander said, was “invented, executed” and “initiated” under Trump. He continued on to provide a sample alternative speech that Biden could have given “in the spirit of bipartisanship and unity” and asked Psaki why Biden didn’t credit the previous administration.


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