New Firefox Extension Blocks ‘Hate Speech’

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Mozilla has released an extension for its Firefox browser that will block all ‘hate speech’ targeting women.

The extension titled “B!tch to Boss” will replace terms deemed offensive with other less offensive terms. The highlight from their blogpost was the term “B*tch” being replaced with the word boss.

From the Mozilla Blog: 

Recent Pew Research data from January 2021 shows that online abuse is getting more severe and more common. While the share of men and women experiencing online harassment is comparable (men: 43%, women: 38%), the severity of it is far greater for women. Some 14% of men targeted in online harassment say that the most recent incident they experienced was very or extremely upsetting, whereas 33% of women, more than double that of men, said the same.

Online abuse also impacts young women and girls who are joining online communities for social connections, creativity, learning and activism. A report from Plan International USA, “Free to be Online?”, showed that 58% of 14,000 young women and girls surveyed in 22 countries faced online abuse or harassment. The report authors found that girls and young women are harassed simply for being female, and that the harassment increases as they speak up about issues they care about.

It has a chilling effect. Plan International’s report is full of stories from young women from around the world expressing a strong desire to be online, yet being afraid to use their voices due to the threat of abuse that can come of it, both online and in real life. That rings true, even for this article. We reached out to several women who have been targeted recently by trolls and hate speech. None of them wanted to speak on the record, having been so shaken from their experiences.

Ironically this blog post implies that women need to be sheltered from online abuse not because they get more abuse but because of how they react to it, this implication being one that the developers of this extension would likely say is misogynistic. The woke left has come full circle.


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