Bicycle Helmet Laws May Be Repealed Over Racism

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Many In Seattle are calling for a repeal of the helmet laws for bicycles because they are racist!

University students at the University of Washington found that there was a racial disparity in the number of citations given for bicycle helmet violations.

From The Seattle Times: 

“Folks aren’t riding around without helmets because it’s fun. They’re doing it because helmets aren’t cheap,” said Lindo, who wears a helmet when he rides and started the biking group NorthStar Cycling Club to support riders who are Black, Indigenous and people of color. “Buy them a helmet and you won’t have to penalize them.”

The biking organizations Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes encourage riders to wear helmets but oppose the mandatory laws. The street newspaper Real Change also opposes the requirement. Other cities, including Tacoma, have already repealed mandatory helmet laws.

Medical experts, however, say studies show helmets help prevent head injuries and they worry about loosening such laws.

“The data are very clear: helmets prevent brain injury. All should be protected,” Dr. Frederick Rivara, professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine, said in an email.

The move comes after a summer of rioting over perceived racial injustice and many in this movement to change helmet laws over perceived racial injustice are using the same language and looking to compare the two things.

What is the penalty in the King County area for not wearing a helmet? A $30 fine. While this figure can grow with added court fees the minimum you have to pay is still less than the cost of an adult helmet, one on Amazon is $19.


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