Ebay Moves To Stop The Sale Of Dr. Seuss Books

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Ebay has pulled listings for ‘controversial’ and ‘hateful’ books by Dr. Seuss from its online auction listings.

We wrote previously about the original boom in sales of banned Dr. Seuss titles after they were deemed racist by the progressive left and how online sellers were making a quick buck by listing their copies on Ebay and other sites.

From The Daily Wire: 

Internet auction site eBay confirmed, Thursday, that it is scouring its open auctions for six “canceled” Dr. Seuss titles, reviewing seller profiles, and removing the listings, which the site claims violate its “offensive materials policy.”

On Thursday morning, the Daily Wire reported that eBay sellers who had listed copies of six Dr. Seuss titles marked at “racist” and “offensive” and removed from publication by Dr. Seuss Enterprises — “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street”; “If I Ran the Zoo”; “McElligot’s Pool”; “On Beyond Zebra!”; “Scrambled Eggs Super!” and “The Cat’s Quizzer” — were receiving messages that they were no longer allowed to sell the books.

According to an eBay seller who received a message from the auction site’s standards and practices department about a removed listing, eBay is taking down the Dr. Seuss auctions because they violate the company’s “offensive materials policy” which bans the sale of items that “promote or glorify hatred, violence, or discrimination.”

Ebay and other companies will do anything to avoid any pressure from the left so much so that they are willing to deem children’s books problematic and help these denizens in censoring them. One might be inclined to call these moves by major corporations cowardly, greedy, or perhaps both.

If you take a step out of the political mire for a day and look at this story it is appalling. The SPLC pressured public schools into censoring the works of a widely renowned children’s author under the guise of these books being “Anti-blackness” and “white Supremist” in nature. Then with the help of a mob drove major cooperation’s into dropping the book and the very foundation meant to defend Dr. Seuss’ legacy into condemning his works.



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