Nigerian Criminal Escaped Deportation After Claims of Being Bisexual Surface

A Nigerian national living in the UK who was convicted of fraud in 2015 has escaped his deportation after claiming to be Bisexual.

The man who has gone unnamed has been living in the country since 2006 and was first convicted of fraud in 2015. His previous claims of asylum were shot down but when he claimed to be bisexual and would be discriminated against as a result in his home country his asylum claim was granted.

From Breitbart: 

The Home Office began deportation proceedings against him in 2016, which were delayed by the migrant launching human rights claims in two judicial reviews.

His initial asylum claims were shot down by a judge, however, The Sun reported on Sunday that in January of 2019 — just hours before his scheduled deportation — the migrant claimed that he was bisexual and could not live openly without repercussions in Nigeria.

The criminal claimed that he had been subject to abuse at university and later in prison as a result of his sexuality. The Nigerian said that he was convinced to disclose his sexuality after discussions with a welfare officer and other detainees.

The Home Office claimed that he was lying, as he had never mentioned his sexuality in the years of court appeals, yet an immigration judge granted the Nigerian criminal asylum.

Activist lawyers in the UK have been halting deportations for a few years now. Among the notable cases include a Taliban Fighter who was able to scoot by deportation with claims that he had PTSD from fighting with the Taliban and would be unable to get proper care in Afganistan.