Microsoft App Will Track Children To Stop Covid-19

Screenshot via Youtube

Microsoft has developed a “Daily-Pass” app that will track children going in and out of schools and mark down any of Covid-19 symptoms. The app is being launched in Los Angeles schools for its initial run but some are pushing this to be used nationally.

From The Los Angeles Times: 

The Los Angeles school district says it’s ready to launch a Microsoft-supported “Daily Pass” app when campuses reopen, enabling officials to quickly isolate anyone at a school who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has contracted the virus, an important component to safely reopening schools, Supt. Austin Beutner said Monday.

The long-awaited app was first announced in August, and has been put forth publicly as imminently ready to go several times only to be pulled back again.

Beutner has explained the repeated delays as the district taking advantage of an opportunity to refine the app — something that made sense given that campuses were not open and the need for the app was less pressing.

While the “Daily-Pass” app has its supporters in the LA school district there are just as many if not more detractors.

Many online have railed against the proposal stating that it is anti-American, will do very little to stop the spread of Covid-19, and is a privacy nightmare.

LA public schools released this promotional video about the new App:


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