Puberty Blockers And Gender Transition Hormones Sold To Children Online

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Gender Reassignment Surgery and Gender Transition ‘Therapy’ has become a hot issue in America as regulators in the Biden Administration look to make these drugs and options available to children as young as 8. Other countries considered to be more liberal than the United States have already put laws on the books dictating that children can not be given these drugs without several steps having taken place.

In the UK it was ruled by a high court that children under the age of 16 cannot make a decision to take drugs that alter their biological sex. However companies are still selling these drugs to children despite the ruling. These drugs are being shipped online after virtual doctor appointments where something as simple as stating you feel you are the wrong gender will get you approval.

From the Telegraph: 

Foreign doctors are prescribing powerful sex change hormones to 15-year-olds in England without their parents’ involvement, a Telegraph investigation has found.

GenderGP, an online transgender healthcare services clinic, uses a legal loophole to flout NHS rules to issue valid prescriptions which can then be used to obtain the medication from pharmacies in Britain.

The sex change, or “cross-sex” hormones irreversibly change users’ bodies over the course of treatment and can also leave users infertile.

An undercover Telegraph reporter posing as a 15-year old girl was prescribed testosterone – the male hormone, which is a controlled drug – after just two Skype appointments with counsellors and one Skype appointment with a doctor at the online clinic.

The company GenderGP defended its actions after being questioned by the Telegraph stating that “we’re not worried about your truth because there’s no debate about that”.

The effects of these drugs are not widely publicized due to the politicization of the issue. The two most common forms of Gender therapy are puberty blockers and hormones.  Puberty blockers will stop a child from going through puberty and effectively sterilize the individual in adulthood. Hormones, Testosterone and Estrogen, will often have similar effects in high doses but nowhere near to the extent as Puberty blockers due.

In the original UK lawsuit that ended in the ruling and individual named Keira Bell came forward with her story.


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