CPAC Guests Surround Jim Acosta, Chant CNN Sucks

CNN’s Jim Acosta was surrounded at CPAC by attendees who were chanting CNN sucks.

For the entirety of the Trump Presidency Jim Acosta would ask ridiculous and off topic questions in a game designed to score political points.

From The Daily Caller: 

Amid the chanting, Acosta stopped to take a selfie with one attendee. He also answered some questions as he walked through the crowd, with conservative activist Kaitlin Bennett asking if he disavows “the rioters and murders.”

“I disavow all violence, for sure. No question,” Acosta replied.

Acosta worked as CNN’s White House correspondent amid the Trump administration and became well-known, in part for his consistent swipes at the president and administration. Acosta’s press credentials were briefly revoked by the White House in 2018, prompting a lawsuit from CNN.

Jim Acosta was formerly the White House correspondent for CNN but has left role since the Joe Biden has taken office. Acosta has been replaced with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins who has made significantly less  headlines since adopting the role.


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