Death Metal: Man In Florida Turns Uncle Into Guitar

Screenshot via Youtube

A man in Florida has turned his uncle Philip’s skeleton into a guitar that has been dubbed the Skelecaster.

A Death Metal enthusiast who goes by Prince Midnight created a guitar out of his uncles skeleton after being unable to figure out what to do with the remains. In case you were wondering this was no murder, Prince Midnight’s uncle died in a motorcycle accident in Greece back in 1996. The body was donated to a local college and after a few years it was sent to a local cemetery, the family did not want to pay for the space at the cemetery so had his remains sent back to the US.

Once the remains of Uncle Philip has been returned to the US Prince midnight decided to make a guitar out of the body instead of burying it in a local cemetery. Prince Midnight’ mother had some objections at first but Midnight revealed that his uncle was also a metal head and raised the question of weather or not he would rather be guitar or put in a cemetery, his mother soon stopped objecting.

The most interesting thing about this story is that none of what happened was illegal, turning a dead relative into a guitar is not a crime. If Prince Midnight were to sell this guitar that would be a crime but so long as it is not sold to any party it is totally legal to own.


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