[UPDATE] FAA Can’t Explain UFO Sighting In New Mexico

Last Week an Unidentified Flying Object was spotted over New Mexico, radio chatter from pilots talking to Air Traffic Controller was taken by a local blogger and shared online, now the FAA is struggling to explain exactly what went on.

American Airlines was able to confirm that the audio recovered by the blogger was real and after a short debrief with the FAA they reveled that the Air traffic controllers did not see any object at the time on radar.

Here is the original Audio from the incident:

A similar Incident occurred three years ago in roughly the same area.  2 different pilots reported seeing something in the sky and Air traffic control had no clue what they were talking about.
From Forbes:

A remarkably similar incident occurred over the Sonoran Desert three years ago. On February 24, 2018, within minutes of each other, two pilots flying different aircraft — a Phoenix Air Group Learjet and an American Airlines commercial flight — both reported passing a mysterious object, according to audio recordings released by the Federal Aviation Administration to the Phoenix New Times several weeks later.

“Was anybody above us that passed us like 30 seconds ago?” the Learjet pilot asked an air traffic controller. “Negative,” replied the tower.

In November 9, 2018, a British Airways pilot flying over Ireland reported seeing “a very bright light that disappeared at very high speed,” reported The Guardian. A Virgin Airlines pilot confirmed seeing it, too: “Multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory – very bright from where we were.”


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