New Poll Data Reveals How Misled Liberals and Conservatives Are On Police Violence

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New Data shows just how misled both conservatives and liberals are about police violence in America.

When polled 31% those that identified as very liberal said about 1,000 unarmed African Americans were killed by police in 2019, 14% said about 10,000, and 7% said more than 10,000 were killed.

When polled 13% of those who identified as very conservative said 1,000 unarmed African Americans were killed by police in 2019, 2% said roughly 10,000, and 4% said over 10,000 unarmed African American’s were killed by police.

These numbers are not just off, they are way off the actual data. In 2019 27 unarmed African American men were killed by police officers, 13 of those were killed in a police shooting.

The drastic difference in the data and what people think reveals just how much media coverage affects what people think. We find the same drastic difference in the number of people who died as a result of Covid-19 as opposed to how many people actually believe have died as a result.

Research firm Kekst CNC found that the average American believed 9% of the US population had died as a result of the Coronavirus, this would mean the average American believed 30 million people in the United states died as a result of Covid-19, at the time the survey was conducted only 155,000 had died as a result of Covid-19.


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