High School Student Blasted In School Wide Email Over Choice of ‘Racist’ Presentation

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High School Student Julia Saville was blasted in a school wide email over her choice of Candace Owens for a Black History Month Presentation.

Julia Saville is a junior at St. Margaret’s High School in Tappahannock in Virginia, this relatively small school has 107 students across grades 8-12.

Saville is a member of the Black Student Union and the chapter leader of Turning Point USA. She chose Candace Owens for her Black History Month Project

From The Daily Wire: 

“I know that they have a different perspective on things,” Saville told The Daily Wire. “I just wanted to get their perspective and [understand] their experiences on campus.”

The Black Student Union assigned its members to present on “black trailblazers” that have contributed to the black community in honor of Black History Month. The presentations were sent out to the school in honor of black accomplishments. For her part, Saville chose Candace Owens.

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, Saville was scheduled to present on her chosen black trailblazer. When she awoke that morning, she received an email from a classmate condemning Saville for choosing Owens as a “black trailblazer.” The email was sent out to all staff and students at the school.

“I’d like to address some falsified information here… Candace Owens is not someone we should be recognizing today especially during Black History Month when she has done absolutely nothing for the black community … [Owens] was called a racist because she was,” the email read. “Candace Owens openly tried to degrade the struggles of the black community by telling the general public that America is not a racist country and that everyone who believes that it is is trying to divide America.”

This story highlights the cultural changes in America and how politics have bleed into schools.

Saville goes on in the interview with The Daily Wire and says that she had never had a negative interaction with this student prior to the Black History Month Project.


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