France Investigating Universities Over Radical Ideas Imported From The United States

In shocking news France is launching an investigation into its universities over what it is calling “radical” ideas that have been “imported from the United States”.

This investigation was launched after after months of outcry from the countries top officials and academics who spoke out about the ideas coming to the European country from American Universities. From The Daily Caller:

France intends to investigate universities to root out “Islamo-leftist” teaching and ideas that are fracturing French society as the government seeks to cut down on what officials say is American influence on French universities.

The French government announced the probe earlier this week following months of rhetoric from top French officials and leading academics warning against ideas coming to France from American universities.

French minister of higher education Frédérique Vidal told Parliament on Tuesday that the National Center for Scientific Research, a state-run research organization, would carry out an investigation into the “totality of research underway in our country,” according to The New York Times. This is the first time the French government has taken concrete steps to clamp down on what officials have referred to as “Islamo-leftist” ideas.

Note that France is considered to be a relatively progressive country in the world and the fact that this investigation is looking into left wing ideas coming from America, which is considered a conservative nation by French standards, is striking.


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