Invasive Species! Massive Fish Native To Amazon Found In Florida

Screenshot via Youtube

Invasive Species are a big deal, they destroy native wildlife populations and thrive in new environments.

These invaders are typically smuggled over the border and cultivated for the black market, but they eventually break containment and consume the natural resources native populations need to survive. Snakeheads, a kind of fish native to Asia, have brought destruction to native Bass populations on the East Coast of the United States. Snakeheads can survive in water with less oxygen than Bass, they compete for the same food resources, and even eat the Bass spawn.

Florida has always had a problem with invasive species, especially when it comes to marine wildlife. Lionfish, Iguanas, and Pythons are not native to the region and are endangering the local wildlife and now the Arapaima has come to dominate.

This rare fish is from South America and is native to Amazon river, its massive, powerful, and was even showcases in an episode of Jeremy Wades “River Monsters”.

A woman in Florida spotted the corpse of this massive fish on a bank in Cape Coral by Jaycee Park. She snapped a photo of the fish and posted it to Facebook for more information on the creature.


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