Twitter Employee Threatened With Jail Time In India Over Election Interference

A Twitter employee is being threatened with jail time over allegedly interfering in the Indian elections.

Twitter has played a major part in the electoral process by banning and silencing the voices of certain accounts over what appears to be political reasons. India is one country where bans and account suppression may be affecting elections and the country may be preparing legal action.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had liked a tweet by singer Rihanna, this tweet was in support of the recent farmer protests in India and was created by a tool used by celebrities and “activists” to share content related to whatever the subject of debate is. The tool was revealed to be created by a Soros backed group called the Poetic Justice Foundation. These tweets went viral and India is looking to stop this foreign interference in its election.

From the Indian Times: 

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s decision to ‘like’ some of the tweets made in support of farmers protests has not gone down well with the government which feels the act raises questions over the neutrality of the micro-blogging platform.

“If the founder of Twitter is openly taking sides, it does raise questions over the neutrality of the platform and how it deals with India’s requests related to the subject,” a top source in the government said

Indian Nationalists were livid over the toolkit used by activists and the lack of neutrality from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, this has lead some to call for Twitter to be banned in the country.


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