This App Lets You Block Everyone At The New York Times

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Block lists circulate the internet and provide users of social media platforms the ability to black massive amounts of users at with only a few clicks. A new block list for the New York Times and its staff members is being circulated as an app where users can click one button and block all of these accounts.

The App called “Black the New York Times” is advertising itself as a means to “Take the lead in the fight against Disinformation” and journalists are livid over its existence. Block Lists like this are always coming under fire from journalists who get blocked on mass as a result of their existence, this one is extraordinarily large and is hitting a company that’s reputation is already in ruin. More from the Post Millennial:

A  new app called “Block The New York Times” allows Twitter users to block 800 corporate journalists for free with just one click in the “fight against disinformation.”

“It’s time to block,” the app’s official Twitter account tweeted Monday for the first time on the platform. “Twitter users have begun mass-blocking New York Times-linked accounts to control the flood of corporate disinformation online. Now, a new app automates the process.”

A link accompanies the post, directing disaffected New York Times readers to the mobile application’s landing page. The site itself mocks the publication’s digital layout. Clicks anywhere on the listed categories or cover story lead curious users to blockNYT’s authorization page, which requests access to their Twitter accounts.

The media and everyday Americans live two very different realities, figure heads in the media look down on everyday people and everyday people hold nothing but distain for these journalists.


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