Above The Rules: Tampa Mayor Caught Maskless After Calling out Those Not Wearing Masks

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor called for people to come forward with the identities of those not wearing masks at Superbowl related events. These calls quickly died down though after images surfaced of her at a hockey event without a mask came forward. More from The Daily Caller: 

Democratic Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said maskless “bad actors” who partied after the Super Bowl should be “identified,” but photos have since surfaced online of Castor maskless at a sports event during the ongoing pandemic.

After Castor told reporters that “those few bad actors [who didn’t wear masks] will be identified and the Tampa Police Department will handle it,” an image circulated on Twitter purporting to show Castor maskless while celebrating the Tampa Bay Lightning winning the Stanley Cup. (RELATED: ‘How The Hell Am I Going To Drink A Beer’: Ron DeSantis Defends Being Maskless At Super Bowl)

Although that image is not time-stamped, a tweet from Castor sent on Sept. 30 shows her on stage, again maskless, with players celebrating the Lightning’s championship. Castor appears to be wearing the same clothes in the television screenshot that has begun circulating and in the official tweet.

Elitest Politicians like Castor think they are above the rules. Unsurprisingly this is not an isolated event, California Governor Gavin Newsome held a massive statewide lockdown that rendered many unemployed and closed down many businesses but was caught without the very mask he required for everyone else. These politicians play by an entirely different set of rules than the average American.


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