Dispute Over Shoveling Snow Turns Violent?

Photos Courtesy of Lucas Edmonds

Shoveling Snow is a typical chore in the winter time for many in America and it is one that can prove frustrating at times but never would you except a murder homicide to occur as a result of the task.

In a quite Pennsylvania suburb a dispute arose between a couple and their neighbor while shoveling their driveway. The couple James and Lisa Goy threw expletives back and forth with their neighbor, Jeffrey Spaide. Things escalated further when James Goy called Spaide a “P***y”, this lead Spaide to draw a handgun and open fire on the couple. After Spaide wounded the couple he went back to his home and retrieved a riffle, he used the weapon to kill the couple before ending his own life.

This entire event was caught on tape by a security camera.




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