Hunter Biden Gets $2 Million Advance On Book Deal

Hunter Biden is releasing a book about his struggle with addiction and with the book set to go public soon he is getting a $2 Million advance on the book.  Many are taking issue with this as Joe Biden stated he would not be using his office to make money for him or his family. More from The Daily Mail:

Drugs, prostitutes, shady dealings, a quickie marriage — President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is too easily depicted as sleaze in human form.

Who else would have left his wife and jumped into bed with his recently departed brother’s widow only for her to end the affair when he got a stripper pregnant?

Is it only Hunter who could have received two special waivers to join the military and be commissioned at a special ceremony in the White House, but then blow his chance on his very first day when a blood test came back positive for cocaine?

Who but Hunter who could receive a diamond from a would-be Chinese business partner whose existence would come to light in divorce papers?

Some in the press are saying that this book will embarrass the President, considering the long track record of Hunter Biden and the media covering for him this seems unlikely.

During the 2020 Election Twitter suspended the New York Post’s Twitter page because they shared the initial bombshell story revolving around his computer and the documents inside. The media claimed that this was a false story and tried to hide it despite the evidence being clear as day that those photos and documents were real and relevant to the election.


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