A Video Game Item Worth $1400 Was Stolen… The Thief is Facing 8-years In Jail

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In what is undoubtable the most bizarre story you may read all week a man in the Czech Republic is facing 8 years in prison for stealing a knife in the online game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, this knife was not real and is an item in the video game. The item in question was a worth about about 30,000 Czech crowns or roughly $1,400 USD, this digital item has no real effect on the game and it simply changes the way a characters weapon looks.

The assailant is looking at 8-years in prison over his daring “heist”. That said, the theft was more of a scam and the individual he stole from was the victim of that scam. The assailant gave the victim 4,000 Czech crowns or roughly $186 in USD and then received the knife with the promise that he would hand over the rest of the money after. That money never came and the victim was quick to call the police over the theft, the police are still investigating the matter and are looking for information as to the thief’s identity.

The knife that was stolen was one of many that Counter Strike: Global Offensive has to offer, the one involved in this theft was this Talon Knife Fade:

While a pretty cool looking knife, $1,400 is a lot to ask for. That being said this is not as expensive as it gets when it comes to this game and its items. The items referred to as skins all have a cash value that is determined by a free market, players will get these skins as drops in game or by opening cases and put them up on the market for other players to buy. One item sold for $61,052.63 and was a skin for the AWP, the skin called a Dragon lore has a beautiful painting of a dragon breathing fire on the side and this one in particular had an increased value due to it being signed by a professional player who goes by Skadoodle(real name Tyler Latham). See one here with out the signature:

This type of scam is very common and something unsuspecting players run into regularly when they obtain an item of significant value. Like with anything in the world if there is a rotten way to make money then there are sure to be people looking to make a quick buck with that rotten way.