Bacon, Sausage, and Eggs Targeted By Lawmaker

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A new Oregon bill is targeting meats in favor for a Vegan menu at facilities like Hospitals, Prisons, and Nursing homes.  This legislation is wide reaching and the definitions as laid out by the bill are dubious. It is also being speculated that the cost of food at the facilities will go up as Vegan alternatives to normal products are extremely expensive in comparison to their counterparts and the law will require that these two options cost about the same.  More from PJ Media: 

Processed turkey meat? Out. A thinly-sliced roast beef sammy is out, too. Vending machine sandwiches, pfft. But wait, it gets worse. The bill prohibits – bans – vegetarian foods such as cheese, milk, butter, or a scrambled egg sandwich from appearing on the non-meat menu.

Democrat Representative Marty Wilde tells PJ Media he introduced the vegan bill at the behest of a “physicians group” because a “plant-based” diet is much better for people stuck in nursing homes or sick in a hospital. The upshot of what he told me was that banning food gives people more choices.

In the words of the bill, not only are all “processed meats” forbidden from these settings, but the facilities “shall be” – by force of law – required to offer an entirely plant-based menu at the same time for residents, staff, visitors, and others.

Cheese, milk, sour cream, eggs, and honey – honey – are not allowed on the menu, either. Pasta is made with eggs, so that’s out. Powdered eggs in that pancake mix are forbidden. Yesterday, macaroni and cheese was considered to be a vegetarian dish. If this passes, it will off the vegan menu – unless you can figure out how to make it with that cardboard cheese that doesn’t melt.

The dubious nature of this bill might increase spending in the state and could be adopted widely in light of a push form climate activists to move past meat. The future of this bill is uncertain but other recent measures by Oregon hint that this kind of legislation has a high likelihood of passing.


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