Chicago Teachers Union Releases Dance Video As Protest

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The Chicago Teachers Union released an interpretive dance video as a way to protest schools reopening and it went over like a lead balloon.

The following is the real video posted by the union, it has not been edited in any way and the video is not a work of parody released by a third party:

The video has been ridiculed online and many are under the impression that this is an off-season April fool’s joke, sadly this is real and the Chicago’s teacher union thought this would help their efforts in an impactful way.

This is not the first time the Chicago Teachers Union had a disaster revolving around their messaging. In December they tweeted “The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny,”, this comment was ridiculed to the point that they had to delete the original tweet.

One of the campaign promises of the Biden administration was to get children back into school but as a result of multiple teachers’ unions protesting this might not get through in any meaningful amount of time. Only time will tell whether or not children will be allowed back into the physical classroom this school year.


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