Las Vegas Schools Return To In-Person Learning After Surge Of Teen Suicides

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With every decision come consequences, positive and negative, but with every decision there are unforeseen consequences. We are now beginning to see the unforeseen consequences of the lockdown. The economic repercussions and social repercussions were consequences that many were well aware off as things started to shape up in this new lockdown ridden world, but the consequences our children face are ones no one saw coming.

It is being reported that in the Nation’s 5th largest county, Clark County, Nevada, will be returning to in person class following a surge of teen suicides in the area. More from The Daily Wire:

The shocking news of a rash of student suicides in Nevada has school districts across the country rethinking the strategy of in-home and online learning amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and reconsidering their position that students might fully recover from a year spent out of the company of peers.

“The spate of student suicides in and around Las Vegas has pushed the Clark County district, the nation’s fifth-largest, toward bringing students back as quickly as possible,” the NYT reported Sunday. “This month, the school board gave the green light to phase in the return of some elementary school grades and groups of struggling students even as greater Las Vegas continues to post huge numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths.”

Mental health, they say, is intrinsically linked to physical health — something few entities considered during the virus’ first wave — and even though the risk of contracting and spreading the novel coronavirus remains high in places like Nevada, the risk of losing a generation to isolation-driven depression and anxiety is weighing heavy on administrators.

It is not the youth alone facing a mental health crisis, the CDC reported there is a nation-wide decline in the mental health of the everyone. The full extent of this problem is unknown, all we know is that it is a very real problem that will stick around until long after things open up again.

The CDC found that “U.S. adults reported considerably elevated adverse mental health conditions associated with COVID-19”, the post from the CDC indicated that 11% of adults considered suicide seriously and 31% showed symptoms of Anxiety/Depression. This is real data and it should be concerning to everyone in the country, while self diagnoses has been traditionally unreliable this certainly points to a major problem. This mental health crisis is the ultimate unforeseen consequence of the Covid-19 lockdown.

These lockdowns have gone on for far too long, and it appears that these lockdowns were in place for as long as they were and implemented as strictly as they were for political reasons,  meaning they had little bases in reality. While no one saw these consequences coming, they are still very real, Students have to go to school and stare at the empty seats of classmates who will never be coming back and families have to start over from scratch as the business they once owned crumbled under the tyrannical lockdowns that still remain in place.