Germany Building Camps For Those Refusing To Quarantine

According to reports from the Telegraph, Germany is fencing off section of refugee camps for those defying quarantine restrictions. The report suggests a that these facilities may be locked down by police guards. The German state of Saxony is where this is occurring and the plan has already been set into law. More from NY Post: 

Officials in the state of Saxony — which is experiencing one of the worst outbreaks in the European nation — have already approved plans to hold quarantine-breakers in a fenced-off section of a refugee camp, the Telegraph said.

Another state, Brandenburg, also plans to use a section of a refugee camp.

In Schleswig-Holstein, repeat offenders will be kept in a special area in a juvenile detention center, the report said, citing Germany’s Welt newspaper.

The state of Baden-Württemberg has two hospitals with rooms to hold the scofflaws, which will be guarded by police, the report said.

These facilities are being constructed or labeled due the Disease Protection act which authorize these actions by the local governments. This act was first passed in March of 2020 and was later renewed in November as more Coronavirus outbreaks were occurring. Many have dissented against these actions calling it a gross overreach by the government.