Facebook Alternative Minds Given 24-Hour Notice By Google

Minds is a social media site once designated by the left wing media outlet Wired as the “Anti-Facebook“. Minds does not sell user data in the way that Facebook, Google, and Twitter do, additionally Minds is blockchain based and community owned.


Minds has been the latest alternative social media site to be attacked by a conglomerate of tech companies(Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Twitter). The site received a 24 hour notice from Google which threatened to remove the app if content on the platform was not cleaned up. Minds’ developers have quickly moved to remove  search, comment, and discovery functionality to comply with Google.  These features are extremely important to any social media site and this will likely do irreparable harm to the application.


The app is also looking to move away from Amazon following the news that Parler was shut down due to Amazon pulling server support from the application.


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