Deep State At Work Again! Rogue Agent Claims Trump Resigned

It was widely reported that President Trump had quietly resigned, but this isn’t true. On the State Department website a note read that President Trump’s term has ended on the 9th of January, this was done by a rogue and disgruntled employee. More from PJ Media:


A lot of people would like this to be true, and there are more of them by the minute. They’re eager to think that somehow the State Department website would be the first to announce Trump’s resignation, assuming they’re thinking at all. But no, sorry, it’s not true. LIBS OWNED AGAIN!

This act of digital vandalism isn’t as bad as, say, killing a cop with a fire extinguisher in front of the Capitol Building, but it’s still not something you should do. I assume whichever government staffer did this was committing some sort of federal crime. But this is the State Department we’re talking about, and in my experience, they’re not too eager to admit fault. So we may never know who did it. Still kinda funny, though.

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether or not anybody thinks Trump should resign, because he won’t do it no matter how much sense it makes to a normal person. If the Capitol riot didn’t convince him that he should step down immediately for the good of the country, nothing will. And despite all the Democrats’ saber-rattling, I doubt they have the guts to impeach him again. So we’ve got eight more days of this.


While many saw this as humorous and not particularly relevant to anything, this is a dark reminder that the government is not as concrete and controlled by any administration as some might think. Rouge actors in the government have their own agendas and will do whatever they want.


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