Big Tech Censors Move On Opportunity to Shut Down Free Speech

Amazon moves to shut down Parler, Twitter Bans the 45th President of the United States, Discord begins purging users, Facebook stops the spread of any information related to recent riots at the capitol, and Apple has moved to remove apps from the app store. 


Big tech has begun a massive purge of all things conservatives in what appears to be a coincided effort. Things are moving quickly and more is sure to come in the next few days but major figures and major banning have already occurred. Here is what is going on in the world of tech:




Amazon Web Services has announced that it will suspend Parler’s web hosting privileges around midnight on Sunday January 10th .


 What this effectively means is that the app will be shut down at this time. Parler will have to find a new host for its application in order to keep the application running. Amazon Web Services is the Amazon owned company that grants cloud computing and APIs to various people, companies, and governments. 




Twitter had a massive ban wave that included many people who were posting about the events at Capitol Hill last week who did not have a blue checkmark next to their name. The most notable ban on the platform was President Donald J. Trump who was banned indefinitely after a short 12 hour ban on the platform. For months prior to the permanent ban Twitter had begun flagging the president’s Tweets for a variety of reasons. 




Facebook banned a massive number of accounts, many included those posting about the events at Capitol Hill last week. The most notable ban was President Donald J. Trump. Many Facebook groups were also banned in the massive purge of conservatives. Many Facebook groups were also taken down in the purge. 




Google has removed the Parler application from the Google Play Store. 




Apple has removed Parler from the App Store.




Reports are surfacing that Discord, the community oriented communication app, has begun purging users and chats.  Several servers have been banned on the app and it is unknown how many and which ones have been removed at this time. 


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