China Claims That There Is Gender Equality In Their Concentration Camps

In China the Uyghur Muslim population is sent to camps where they are sterilized, tortured, and forced to work.  A social media account run by China tweeted that Uygur women have found true equality in the Xinjiang province of China. More From The Daily Wire:


China’s embassy in the United States claimed on social media this week that Uygur women in its Xinjiang providence were better off since the communist nation imprisoned more than one million people in concentration camps.


The tweet, which has not been censored by Twitter or amended with a “disputed” claim, says a study (put out by the Xinjiang Development Research Center, which is part of a state-run think tank) found that “eradicating extremism” – China’s term for putting ethnic minorities in concentration camps where they’re tortured and brainwashed – has resulted in better results for Uyghur women. Using Western terminology like “gender equality” and “reproductive health,” the embassy claimed women were “emancipated” and “no longer baby-making machines,” adding they “are more confident and independent.


The tweet linked to an article published in state-run media outlet China Daily, which tried to claim that what is being reported of the concentration camps outside of China is untrue, even though those reports come from survivors and internal Chinese Communist Party documents. The study was created to dispute claims that the Uyghur population’s growth had decreased due to the Chinese government’s control, insisting that it was the “extremism” the communist nation claimed to be eliminating that led to women not wanting to have children. The report claimed that “forced sterilization” did not cause the decrease in the population.


China has received international criticism for its treatment of the Uyghur Muslim population and many are disgusted with the lack fo international response to the human rights violations. China has a long list of human rights violations and they receive little meaningful condemnation from the world.


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