James Comey Is Saying That Trump Should Not Be Prosecuted After Office

James Comey has been a vocal anti-Trump force and is alleged to have actively engaged in obstruction the Trump administration through the fraudulent Trump-Russia investigation, however he has quickly changed tune following recent calls for Trump’s prosecution. More from PJMedia: 


Former FBI Director James Comey writes in a new book that even if there is overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing by Donald Trump while president, the new attorney general in the Biden administration should not pursue a prosecution.


Comey said the Justice Department should not initiate an investigation of the former president, “no matter how compelling the roadmap left” of crimes he may have committed.


“Although those cases might be righteous in a vacuum,” he wrote, “the mission of the next attorney general must be fostering the trust of the American people.”


Trump is being accused by many on the left and right of inciting a violent insurrection following the event at Capitol Hill on January 6th. Articles of impeachment are being drawn by a member of the house and talks of invoking the 25th amendment are allegedly ongoing. 


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