UNCENSORED: What Went Down In DC? Here is Everything That Unfolded At The Nation’s Capitol Today

NOTE: This Article Will Be Updated As More News Breaks And Information Is Subject To Change

Protestors stormed the Capitol, reports of bombs being found at the DNC and RNC headquarters, Capitol Hill police opened fire at the protesters, the computers of Congressmen and women were left open and hard drives were reportedly stolen, Trump doubles down on election theft, the left has decided protesting is wrong, and a Democrat Congresswoman is planning to introduce legislation that will expel Republican members of Congress.


Update: West Virginia State Senator who was at the protest and went into the Capitol has been arrested by the FBI. More from WV Metro News:

A newly-elected member of West Virginia’s House of Delegates was among the mob who stormed the U.S. Capitol today.

Derrick Evans, R-Wayne, livestreamed and then deleted videos from inside the Capitol, but others took screenshots and videos of the original videos.

In one, he is shoots cell phone video out into the Capitol interior while surging through a door. He says, “We’re in! We’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!”

Update: President Trump has been permanently removed from Twitter and Facebook

BREAKING: Twitter has taken the next step and is deleting the Presidents Tweets, some pundits are suggesting he may soon be banned off the platform.


After Trump gave his speech at the national mall protesters began a march towards the capitol, once they got there they smashed the windows and broke into the building. Protesters stormed the building and members of Congress were ordered to evacuate.



Reports are coming in that a man was passing around flyers about a “revolution” prior to the event.



A massive wooden cross was erected in front of the Capitol Building.



Protesters eventually made there way inside the building.





Reports came in that shots had been fired within the capitol building. It was later confirmed that it was Capitol Hill Police firing at protesters. One woman had been hit in the chest by the police and was taken to the emergency room.




Reporters and protesters were able to access official computers and documents while inside the building. Tweets showing various people sitting at the desks of various Congressional figures are being deleted off the platform.


Reports of bombs being found around the DC area have made rounds.



Twitter, Youtube, and other platforms have begun censoring information related to the protests. This includes non-MSM streams of the event being taken down and tweets from the President being censored.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has begun Drawing up the Articles of Impeachment.


Congresswoman Cori Bush has announced a plan to expel members of Congress for inciting this “terror attack”.



Protesters destroyed the equipment of the media near the capitol building



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