Celebration In Wuhan, Lockdowns In New York

The outbreak of the Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China but spread globally and as the virus spread governments tackled it in different ways. For the most part the “cure” has come in the form of lockdowns and these have proven to be in many cases worse than the virus itself. Small businesses have been purged and the lockdowns have proved to be a vital political tool for more dubious policy to get through. Many are still under lockdown, and with New Years having been a global celebration who would have thought that it would be American’s having their parties busted up while people in Wuhan, China are throwing massive parties in the street. More from The Daily Caller: 


Massive crowds in Wuhan, where the coronavirus originated, rang in the New Year in the streets at midnight Friday, Reuters reported.


Hundreds followed tradition by celebrating before the old Hankow Customs House Building, a popular New Year’s Eve site in Wuhan, Reuters reported.



A number of police and crowd controllers were at the celebrations, Reuters reported. Some of the security staff were spotted informing people they must wear their masks should they want to remain at the gatherings, which seemed peaceful.


The World Health Organization (WHO) China Country Office learned Dec. 31, 2019, that there were “cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology (unknown cause) detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China,” according to an organization statement. The cases were later discovered to be a unique coronavirus and designated as COVID-19, according to a WHO timeline. (RELATED: WHO Director General Responds To Pompeo’s Comments That He Was ‘Bought’ By China)


China had a dreadful response to the virus and these festivities were likely a display for the rest of the world, but this does not change the situation many across the globe. Governor Cuomo of New York was able to hold his own party while others in the city were not permitted to do the same. It’s hard to imagine the situation that the world is currently in, where the people of China can move about freely while citizens of the west are stuck inside.