Reporter For Vox Media Mocks Republican Following His Tragic Death

A Reporter for Vox Media, a progressive media outlet, took to social media to mock the death of Republican Rep-elect Luke Letlow after reports came out stating that Letlow had died as a result of Covid-19. This was no tasteless joke made in good faith, this was a deliberate statement made by an elitist journalist who is trying to control the narrative surrounding Covid-19.

The Vox reporter, Aaron Rupar, quote tweeted one of Letlow’s Tweets that was critical of the Coronavirus lockdown.

This tweet came just after the report on Letlow’s death came out, this journalist raced to kick this man’s family when they were down. Many conservative figures in both politics and the media were quick to condemn this.

Many left wing media pundits and journalists have done this in the past and were quick to walk back the remarks they made after severe backlash, but Aaron Rupar chose to do something else. Following the intense backlash Rupar shifted to making the statement about Covid in the broader sense as opposed to mocking the untimely death of political opposition.

Here is his follow up tweet regarding the criticism.

It’s unfortunate, but this story really isn’t a surprise. Modern Journalists will do anything for a drop of clout and will tread on anything so long as they score a few political points.


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