Epstein Cellmate Turns Up Dead… Media Insanity Ensues…

Efrain “Stone” Reyes, the last cellmate of Jeffrey Epstein before Epstein had died as the result of an alleged suicide(a claim that many still find dubious), is dead according to multiple sources. Reyes died following complications from contracting Covid-19 according to the media, but some are rebuking this claim. The niece of Reyes’ is sharing some interesting details about Epstein and the death of her uncle. 


The New York Daily News Published an article indicating that Reyes, who was Epstein’s Cellmate, died after having contracted the Coronavirus and suffering from complications as a result of the virus. The Medical Examiner in the case was unable to determine an exact cause of death for Reyes but it was released in the press that he was released from prison after having contracted the virus. The New York Daily News interviewed a woman named Angelique Lopez, who is Reyes’ niece; she disputed some of the claims made by The New York Daily News and other media outlets.


Lopez said in an interview “I can’t say COVID didn’t play a part (in his death). He came back coughing more than normal. His lungs weren’t the same.” Lopez also talked about what her uncle had told her about Epstein. She claimed that Epstein had been brutalized by guards and other inmates and her uncle didn’t report any of this for fear of catching the ire of those very inmates and guards. No one should be shocked that a man of Epstein’s nature was brutalized in prison, many pedophiles and sex offenders receive the same treatment if not worse during their stay behind bars. 


The case of Jeffrey Epstein still remains a mystery despite officials reporting his death as a suicide. Some of the questions that still linger revolving around the case include; Why was he taken off of Suicide watch? Why did the cameras outside of his cell just so happen to be off when he died? Whose names are in Epstein’s little black book? 


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