Youtube Censors Congressional Testimony On Election Fraud

Big Tech has moved again to stomp out more information that is relevant Election Fraud, this time going as far as to remove Congressional testimony from a Trump Lawyer. 


Lawyer Jessie Binnall testified that Election Officials were sloppy in giving out ballots and far more ballots were given out than were supposed to. Binnall and his law firm concluded that at least 130,000 votes were cast illegitimately in the state of Nevada. 


The law firm got this information by cross referencing voter rolls and the social security records. They found numerous people who were deceased had voted and many had voted twice under variations of their first name, William and Bill being a prominent example. 


Other interesting facts to come from the testimony are:


-Over 15,000 votes were cast from commercial or vacant address’


-4,000 non-citizens voted in the state


-Two employees from a polling location came forward independently and claimed that votes on USB drives recorded different amounts of votes in the middle of the night


-When attempting to get an investigation into the voting machines the firm was denied any real forensic study and was only allowed to look at the USB drives 


-The firm also uncovered a campaign to illegally incentives marginalized groups to vote, the campaign involved requiring proof of voting to enter a raffle for televisions and more


-State officials delayed and stonewalled all action by the firm in relation to voter fraud


This eyebrow raising testimony was removed from the public’s view by Youtube as part of their new effort to ban content “questioning the legitimacy of the election”. If congressional testimony can be struck down with little to question there is no limit to what big tech can do.


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