Covid-19 Was Exploited for Political Purposes. Here Is Who Benefited and To What Extent

Yahoo! Finance recently released a list of the 50 companies making the most money from the coronavirus. It shouldn’t shock you that these are all major corporations that have been mostly unaffected by the lockdown and in some areas are even exempt from the lockdown. There are also a myriad of corporations that are getting bankrolled by the government during the lockdown. 


Big stores like Walmart and Target have virtually no restrictions while small businesses were closed for almost a year. Taco Bell and McDonalds have been making bank while local restaurants have been closed  for months and some have had to even close their doors for good. 


Politicians have also used this lockdown to impose legislation in the dark of the night while everyone was home unable to go out and protest, unless of course you were protesting in favor of these midnight agendas. The politicians taking the most ground during the pandemic have been local politicians. Local politics is often ignored regardless of a national crisis but the Coronavirus and the Presidential election have been cause for more to ignore what’s going on in their backyard. 


One piece of legislation that has taken the ire of the internet has been tucked away in the stimulus bill, those who stream or post copyrighted material may be facing jail time. Those backing the bill claim that those streaming the content won’t face charges but those profiting off the pirated content in major operations will be subject to charges. The legislation is vague enough to leave the door open for the thought that those posting or streaming the content may be liable or face jail time. 


Legislation that has little to do with Covid-19, legislation like that above, is being passed with little discussion and it is tucked away where few will ever hear about it. This new law about streaming of non-licensed content is meant to serve the uber-wealthy, meanwhile those who have lost their jobs and their business to the pandemic are offered a mere $600 for their hardship. 


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