Will the Vaccine Be Mandatory? What Is Happening And The New Vaccine Issues


Those who do not get the vaccine may not be able to use public transport in France. While this measure is currently only being considered in France it is not unreasonable to believe that the left may enact this policy in the United States. 


A Law that has currently been drafted in France would bar anyone who does not get the vaccine from Public transport. This effectively makes a vaccine and proof of vaccination a requirement in the country. Unlike America, where almost everyone has a car, in France and many other European countries cars are less frequent and many more rely on public transport. 


In France 55% of the population told opinion polls that they will not be getting the vaccine, this is a significant portion of the population that says they will not be getting the vaccine, this will likely result in failure of the bill as a result. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has already promised that vaccination will not be mandatory. 


Debate in France over the proposed law has been extremely heated with centrist parties and right wing parties calling the bill an attack on personal liberties. Public sector minister Amelie de Montchalin said ominously that the bill was “not at all made to create exceptional powers for the government”.


It is not unreasonable to think that the American left could use the pandemic to make the vaccine mandatory despite numerous issues with the idea. For starters Vaccine manufactures are not liable for any harm caused by the vaccine, this doesn’t mean it will hurt you in any way but if you have an allergic reaction or there is something wrong you can not sue for compensation. 


Another major issue with making a vaccine mandatory is the 1st amendment, some religions do not take vaccines and Religious liberties would have to be stomped out if this was going to happen. Some on the American left see this as a positive, but it would come down to the Supreme court to find out if this is constitutional(its not). 


As for the vaccine itself, this is a new type of vaccine. This is not a traditional vaccine that utilizes inactive germs that teach our bodies how to fight the virus. These new vaccines are mRNA vaccines that for a long time have been highly controversial and banned in many places, these vaccines command cells to make a protein like the virus. This new protein is detected as an intruder and attacked by the immune system. Theoretically this would mean your body could not fight the virus but many still have concerns as to whether or not this would work. 


The vaccine has been the cause for a lot of debate in the world and in America especially. This debate has largely been poisoned by wild and baseless conspiracy theories as well as abusive rhetoric from the left about those who do not wish to get the vaccine.  



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