This May Be a Glimpse Into Our Future, Students Expelled For Voting “Wrong”

The Student Government at Cornell University tried to pass a resolution to disarm all campus security, the measure failed initially but the student government then quickly moved to expel the members of the government that voted against the motion. More from The Daily Wire: 


Students said racism was employed by the student government members who wanted to disarm the police, who told numerous white students who spoke ahead of the initial vote that their opinions didn’t matter.

“As a white man, you cannot be the arbiter of what is and isn’t racist and who is a good or bad person. … You will never be the arbiter because you are a white man,” Student Assembly director of elections Moriah Adeghe told a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who spoke at the meeting.

Young America’s Foundation found numerous other instances where race was used to discredit those who opposed disarming campus police.

“The chair of the student government, Cat Huang, agreed to call on minority students over white students after one representative said ‘I want them to like have their voices be amplified before white people start talking,’” YAF reported after looking through hours of footage from student government meetings that took place over the course of several weeks.


Some consider this to be a glimpse into the future, a look at how American politics will play out in the not so distant future. Politics is getting a lot more toxic and those in power look as if they are fully willing to embrace this. 


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