North Korean Fishing Boat Captain Executed Over America Radio Broadcast

A North Korean Fishing Boat Captain was allegedly executed over listening to a banned American radio broadcast. The execution allegedly happened in mid-October just after he had admitted to having listened to the station for many years. 


The station itself is a US funded media outlet called Free Asia that focuses on issues related to Asia. North Korea and China are big topics on the station and the respective governments of the nations are not pleased with the content being shared. 


More from The Daily Caller:  


The fishing boat captain — identified by his surname Choi — confessed to listening to the U.S. government-funded outlet for over 15 years, North Korean authorities told Radio Free Asia in a Dec. 16 statement. He was reportedly turned in to the provincial security department by a crewman at his base in the northeastern port city of Chongjin.


“In mid-October, a captain of a fishing boat from Chongjin was executed by firing squad, on charges of listening to Radio Free Asia regularly over a long period of time,” a law enforcement official from North Hamgyong province said, according to Radio Free Asia. “During an investigation by the provincial security department, Captain Choi confessed to listening to RFA broadcasts since the age of 24, when he was serving in the military as a radio operator.”



“They publicly shot him at the base in front of 100 other captains and managers of the facility’s fish processing plants,” the official said. “They also dismissed or discharged party officials, the base’s administration and the security officers who allowed Choi to work at sea.”


The deplorable acts and conditions of North Korea are nothing new, the Trump administration had put forward a solid effort to amend relations and increase the living standard in the country but to little avail. This will likely continue to be considered “normal” in the country for years to come. 



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