Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Bows To Antifa Over Autonomous Zone

Original by Einar Kvaran via Wikipedia Commons

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Is now negotiating with Antifa and other anarchists over his dismantling of another autonomous zone in the city. Wheeler had originally put his foot down and threatened the residents of the area with eviction, he is now changing his tune. 


The area, which has come to be known as the “red house”, has had protests around it for weeks and they have declared it “occupied” territory and put up signs stating that this was indigenous land. The protestors had a stockpile of weapons and according to local authorities were a threat to the safety of other city dwellers.


Wheeler has walked back his initial decision to evict the owners of the home and has instead called on “comrades” to come forward and bring down the barricades. More from the Daily Wire:


“Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler authorized Portland police to use ‘all lawful means’ to clear protesters from a home on North Mississippi Avenue Tuesday evening,” Oregon Public Broadcasting reported last week “The house has been the site of protests for months as demonstrators rally against the eviction of a Black and Indigenous family.”


At the time, Wheeler even went so far as to say that he would “end the illegal occupation” when ordering the pre-dawn raid. The city’s police chief, Chuck Lovell, later noted to local media that “occupiers” had a stockpile of weapons and that the autonomous zone was a threat to safety. Calls, he said, had been made to local law enforcement concerning “reports of fights, shots fired, burglary, theft, vandalism, noise violations, trespassing, and threats” within the ongoing protest.


Now, though, the group that organized the Red House protest, “Red House on Mississippi,” says the mayor has apologized for the incident and is in negotiations with both protesters and the home’s owners. In return, protesters reportedly agreed to remove barriers surrounding the autonomous zone.


Things seem to only be getting worse for the average resident of Portland. A group of extremely radical anarchist activists were able to make the city bow on an eviction, they will likely be able to make the city bow down to much more in the future now that the precedent has been set.


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