One of The Biggest Fact-Checkers Is Owned By The Chinese

It has been uncovered that Lead Stories, the fact checkers for Facebook, is owned by both big tech companies and China. Outside of the normal big tech investors that dip their hands in everything is a company called ByteDance which is headquartered in Beijing, China. ByteDance may be familiar as the Chinese tech giant also owns the social media app TikTok. More from The Federalist: 


The Federalist published a piece Monday headlined, “The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close,” by Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway, which investigates how one of Facebook’s designated fact-checkers supposedly debunked claims related to an explosive video corroborating Republican charges of election fraud in Georgia.


Moments before the post was published on Facebook however, the company released a notification to users that the post had been flagged for misinformation based on a supposed “fact-check” by one of its third-party fact-checkers, LeadStories.


According to LeadStories, which relies on funding from a mix of Silicon Valley tech giants Google and Facebook in addition to Chinese-operated ByteDance headquartered in Beijing, allegations of unmonitored ballot-counting in Georgia based on footage released last week supporting Republicans’ timeline of events bear no merit. Hemingway pointed out in the censored article serving as a fact-check to the fact-check, that LeadStories merely regurgitated talking points from government officials that fly in the face of sworn affidavits from Republican observers and contemporaneous news accounts that corroborate to the point Republican charges that poll-watchers were told counting had ceased at one polling site while officials kept counting, which is illegal.


The dubious nature of these fact checkers has been the concern of many for a long time, some bizarre things are labeled as being false constantly despite the claim being completely true. Is it any shock that China has its hands in this market? At this point it shouldn’t be


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