FBI Admits To Having Seth Rich Laptop, Stalling on Investigation

It has been uncovered that the FBI has been in possession of the Seth Rich laptop for quite a while as well as thousands of documents related to the case, and with this news comes the revelation that the Seth Rich investigation has been stalled and will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future. 


For those that do not recall, Seth Rich was a DNC staffer who was murdered in DC under highly suspect circumstances. The murder was suggested as being a robbery by local authorities, although none of his personal belongings were stolen, this included his wallet and expensive watch which would have been in plain view of the killer. Another failed investigation by local authorities too lazy to catch a killer wouldn’t be a story on its own, what makes this story different are the allegations that Seth Rich was the individual who leaked sensitive DNC emails to WikiLeaks. The conspiracy theory is that Seth Rich was assassinated for leaking this information, information that was ultimately damning to the Clinton campaign. 


The story has been cold for a long time due to lack of media coverage and no real progress in any investigation or lawsuit, but this has changed recently. Ty Clevenger is a lawyer representing Brian Huddleston who is suing the FBI for not producing FOIA requests related to the Seth Rich case. Ty Clevenger revealed that after years of being told no documents could be found related to the matter, thousands of documents related to the matter did in fact exist including the laptop that belonged to Seth Rich. 


The FBI is now investigating information regarding the origins of the Russian Collusion investigation through Special Counsel Durham and these documents are pertinent to that investigation (as part of the Russian Collusion narrative was the DNC email leak and allegation coming from the DNC that it was the Trump Campaign and Russia that “hacked” these emails.) In a letter, Ty Clevenger addresses to the Special Counsel Durham, David Horowitz, and Attorney General William Barr, Clevenger describes the importance of the documents he believed the FBI had related to the Seth Rich case. It was this letter that led to the existence of the documents and laptops being revealed.


This revelation has put new fire behind the Seth Rich story and revealed that the FBI has no actual interest in investigating stories like this despite overwhelming evidence of foul play and vast public support. 


The same FBI that investigated the Trump campaign over baseless opposition research the DNC paid for, the same FBI that withheld information from FISA Court judges to streamline warrants to spy on American citizens, is the FBI you are supposed to put your faith in when investigating major issues that have serious political implications.   


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