Big Tech Moving To Censor Any Discussion of Election Fraud

YouTube, the largest online video sharing platform, has posted an update stating they will be taking down any videos questioning the 2020 election. This is another step by big tech to move to censor any criticism of the election and support the left. More from PJ Media:  


The Trump legal team still has active challenges to the election results in several states. Mike Kelly et al. v. Pennsylvania, et al. and Texas v. Pennsylvania, et al. are two pending cases before the Supreme Court. There are many, many witnesses who have signed affidavits alleging voter fraud in various states.


But, according to YouTube, you don’t have a right to see that evidence or be told that fraud even occurred. Your ability to view content and make your own decision about the evidence is superseded by their desire to keep you in the dark about not just mere allegations, but evidence as well. Will YouTube not allow live streaming of hearings alleging ballot fraud too? Should the Supreme Court take up any of the current challenges, will any coverage related to those challenges be allowed on their platform?


Assuming anything related to voter fraud in the 2020 election is censored from YouTube, what alternatives do you have? My suggestion: ditch YouTube and join Rumble, a video sharing platform that is the “free speech” alternative to YouTube.


“We don’t censor political debate or dialogue,” Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski tweeted last month. “We welcome all viewpoints.”


The digital landscape is changing as new competitors try to take a stab at these larger companies. Most have failed and it seems like all hope is lost for alt-tech to take any meaningful portion of the market share. Big tech is stemming any bleeding quickly by attempting to appease its market base, YouTube is talking with creators on how to better the platform and rumor has it that Twitter will open a door for verification. 


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